Friday, September 23, 2011

Hi Steve. Welcome back from Spain!

I was puzzled why no one responded to my blog on the history of BMC ships, especially since you and your group had expressed such and interest in them. I see now, you were out of the country on a trip through Europe. Nice purchases of soldiers while you were abroad. Very colorful! I have retained a few hundred soldiers but mostly of the Authenticast 25 mm sculpted by Holger Eriksson. I can appreciate the military miniatures and the skill in carving them however. I had a good time learning to make them with Jack Scruby back in the 60's when I lived in Fresno and Jack lived in Visalia. He and I and a few of the other gamers carved and cast up a few warriors together but when I started a family and moved to the Bay Area, I passed my molds and masters to Jack and the other fellows. While I have always had a great interest in history and miniatures, I really only participated in wargaming at that time because of a mutual friend of Jack's and mine, Tom Worstell. Tom was a veteran of the Spanish Civil War, serving in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. Tom owned a hobby store in Fresno, knew all the war gamers and got me involved in making soldiers and wargaming with Jack. We had some fine games that I am sure, bent all the rules of history, verging more on conjuring and illegal time travel!

Once I had moved to the Bay Area, got a new job and started a family, I lost contact with my Valley friends and the hobby. My primary interest had always been and still is, naval architecture and naval history. I found the wargaming took me away from my wife and children while collecting ship models was much more congenial to family life. The ship models were small and easy to store, and let me spend more time at home.

I am new to this blog bit. I am assuming someone is reading what I am sending, or maybe I have to push another button somewhere here on the screen. Please let me know if I am making any kind of communication out there in the cybernetic void.

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